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Renegade Gaming Xperiment.
We hare a multi-platform community that is fresh in to running a gaming community. However new we may be between our founders there is almost half a century of Community experience between us from all over the internet to social forums to gaming communities with a strict rank structure. 
Because our experience is so broad we are able to create a community for the people, and WITH the community as we grow as does the community change and it only changes around what the members want to see. 
We welcome everyone; do you just want to jump in to games with community members and relax knowing you do not have to worry about being anywhere at any time of the week with your commander? 
We are open for gamers who just want to chill after a stressful day.
Do you want to be apart of a structured ranking system and move up in to our leadership spots and assist in growing the community?
We have that availability also!
Maybe you are a serious gamer, and however much fun you have in games you take it just as serious and you have one goal...To win.
We have that also with our War Team, we are building a professional team in each supported game to go to the MLG and compete Clan Vs Clan. Only the best get here, but we will openly train potential players to reach the top WITH us. We never leave anyone behind and no one is left out!
For all community goers who love forums, we have plenty available to do from forum games to tech support, an artist corner, news anchors, an events team, recon x team & even a forum that when you have had an absolutely awful day to come and let out your stress without worrying about what you say. We turn a blind eye! 
We have Vacancies and recruitment availabilities at the following areas:
XBOX One - Call Of Duty Franchise;
Brigade Members
XBOX One - Destiny;
Brigade Members 
XBOX 360 - Call Of Duty Franchise
Brigade Members
PC - League Of Legends EU West
Brigade Members
Do not see your game available?
Wanting to be apart of the up and coming games such as Battlefront or Halo 5?
Our community adapts to the latest games and if a game receives support from the community we make it a supported title within it's own brigade!
So if you like what you see so far, or even want to secure yourself in the future brigades for up and coming games be sure to join in with a community which is more than just a gaming community, but it's a second home to turn in to at the end of a busy day and always be greeted with a friendly face and laughs along the way. 
Do not worry about referrals (it is your choice) but be sure to find myself RGX Messiah X on the forums for any help, I'm always around to do what i can for everyone.
Renegade Gaming Xperiment
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