Removing payment option on microsoft account/xboxlive and changing associated email.

Is it possible to switch associated email account with your MS account and remove payment options or switch payment options? If a switch and then remove is required will the account somehow default to the original? I no longer want my CC# or Current Email on this MS account. I used a prepaid card to acquire 12-month Xbox live for this specific Xbox 360 unit. This has to be possible without me making a trip to the bank and just changing account # which I am sure MS would have some negative reaction. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? One must exist I don't care how convoluted or ridiculous it might be, legally it must be possible. Phone support is terrible they just want to know "Why" I want to do this. The reasoning behind it is my own and is irrelevant. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Support should not be asking "why". It's not relevant to them in any way. Contact Support and tell them you want to remove a CC that is attached (as long as it has no pending purchase). After you can easily replace any Accounts Email with another one from the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Side note though, you cannot "swap" payment already made (example a 12 Month Card Redeemed) from one Account to another. Once any Pre-Paid Card has been redeemed, it is on that Account only.