[Removed by Moderator] is INNOCENT

[Removed by Moderator] was hacked during the messages I'm the reason he was banned and I apologize in advance to microsoft I was attempting to gameshare with him it was my idea and NOT [Removed by Moderator]  please unban him he is innocent BAN me if you must I take full responsiblity for this and again I apologize to Microsoft as well.


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Your plea may be seen if you post over here.

whether it was your idea or his, he still went forward with the action knowing it was against the terms and conditions, so he received what Microsoft deemed fair for his actions

You will certainly be banned, too, but your friend can only get one answer.


Your account and all activity on your account is always your responsibility. There are no ifs, ands, or buts.

Whether it was your idea or not, you cheated.  Cheater are not innocent.  You deserved your ban.  Xbox Live is a better place without cheaters like you.

All cheating losers like you need/should be banned.


If you can't follow the Terms Of Service and The Code Of Conduct then you have no business being on Live unlike us proper gamers who know how to play by the rules.


Your friend deserves his ban for being stupid enough to go along with your idea in the first place. He is responsible for his account and for going along with your idea totally deserves his ban.

"I know it`s against T & C`s but I will do it anyway", got what he deserved, end of.

No sympathy from me, one less cheat on Xbox.

had to throw in my on 'lawl' on this one.  Thank you OP for making me laugh today :)

He's guilty!