Reinstalling Xbox Preview on a New Xbox One

I need to get a new Xbox One. The one that I currently have has the preview program installed. How do I go about installing it on the new Xbox One? What is involved?


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You should ask this in the preview forums

I don't think you can.

The preview is tied to the console serial number.

I had the same issue myself, had a few different consoles due to disc drive issues, put the preview dashboard app in your pins, when you sign in on another console your pins come with you, load up the app un-enrol the old system and enrol the new one, i think this can be done three times. There is likely another way but this worked for me

The preview program will follow your GT. Just re-install the app and you will need to re-register your new console. It took about 8 hours for my new console to be registered back into the PP.

I know this is random and off topic but can anyone invite me to the preview program? Thanks

The preview program is about full so you probably won't get in.