Reinstalling paid games without gold live

On Xbox one, lets say I got a gold live account and I download the free games every month. Then lets say I uninstall the games from my xbox machine to save space. And lets say my live gold membership is NOT renewed.

Am I able to download the games again without the Gold live account since I have paid for it already?


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Once you drop gold, games acquired via GWG are no longer in your ownership queue (as I understand it). This is for xbox one, 360 is different. I don't understand what you mean by "paid for it already"? The games were free, you were paying for a service. Any games you buy, even games on sale, will always be there. Only the free games are not (when/if you drop gold).

I had to pay for member ship. Cost me about 50 US for a year subscription for Gold live.

I see. So basically under GWG I am renting the free games. BUT if I buy the other non free games under GWG, those games are there for life and I can access them even if I uninstall them.

Ok, thanks very much!

Do you mean gold discounted games you have payed for? If so yes you keep them as you have payed for them. They will be available to redownload in your download history.

It's only the free games you don't keep if you revert to a silver membership. They really shouldn't call them free. Technically they are rentals.

Yeah, I know.

It is renting, NOT free .... O.o

Thank you. It is clear now.

Well, it is free, so long as you pay. :P

^ Then GwG for the X1 is not *Free, correct?

*Words used to have meaning... Umm... Back when people were educated as opposed to indoctrinated.*

But these days it's more like a Vatican/gobernment control policy of. 'We will interprate words and their meaning for you.' eh?

I was watching an episode of Star Wars Clone Wars last night and in it, a Colonel was trying to argue the difference between training (what he had) vs. programming (what the droids have). I bring this up because when it comes down to it, it's really a matter of perspective - the only perspective in this case that matters, is yours.

Besides, when you really think about it, nothing is ever truly free. You usually have to do something 1st to earn it, or there's a catch. For example, when you walk into a food store and they have free hand-outs/samples, it's usually because they're advertising and trying to get you to buy something (and naturally, you have to actually go to the store 1st to gain the benefit of the delectable treat).

Well, it is free, in a roundabout way.  See, for years, I was paying for Gold without receiving any additional benefits... now I get games with my subscription.

To be fair, Xbox has never used the term "free" with this promotion.  That is why the whole thing is called "Games WITH Gold".

Anyone who pays $50 for XBL deserves to have the games taken away from them...  who the hell pays that much?

50 bucks for 12 months of 2 'free rented' games per month is worth it. Even if rented. O.o

Plus you get discounts on full games.

Anyway, yes, nothing is for free but these marketers don't make it easy for you to understand what is in the fine print .. A bit sneaky in my books

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