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Hopefully this will be seen as constructive criitcism. I do not use my xbox a lot. In fact I have hardly touched it in the last year, but there are a few things about it which have really irked me about the service over the last few years.

1. When I moved to Spain from the UK, there was no way to transfer my "UK" marked account to reflect I know lived in Spain.

2. With Windows 8 coming out I decided I wanted my Xbox Gamer Tag attached to the main Live account I use for Windows. I created a new account and waited patiently for 30 days. I then transferred a default created Xbox account from my main live account to a secondary account. I then tried to transfer my Xbox Tag off another live account to my main one. It would not let me. I rang support, they explained my "live account" was tagged as being in the UK and the Xbox Tag was tagged as being in Spain. As we trouble shooted it, it became apparent that with a blank live account when you first log into the Xbox site you can choose to mark the account against a new country, so I did this and now my Live Account it marked as Spanish, but of course it created a second default Xbox tag, which I am now waiting till the end of the month for the 30 days to be up to move to yet another Live account. This whole process is a really poor customer experience. I should just be able to ring the agent, verify my ownership and details of the two accounts and have the Xbox Tag on the correct Live account. Seriously, this is a Kafakaesque experience which is not simple. It is almost designed to make it so difficult that the customer will just give up.

3. I have a friend in Mauritania who is an avid Xbox user. She has Skyrim. She wants the expansion packs. She has no credit card. I said, no problem I´ll buy a points card and give you the account so you can buy the expansion. I bought the card and sent her the account, but as I have now learnt, Microsoft points are now region locked. She cannot use the redeem code on an African region account. This is retarded, why can I not gift points to whoever I want? Why region lock points? Is there anyway to gift points in another way?


Percy Cuscaden


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Microsoft points have always been region locked. They are region locked to stop people buying points cheaper in other countrys for instance I could buy points in the US with the pound being stronger than the dollar I get more points for the same price