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HI Guys

Is DLC region locked now?

I was playing a game quite happily the other day which was originally purchased in europe via dlc. Now its telling me that it wont play it on my uk console. anyone know what's going on?


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And you can get a years xbox live cheaper now than when it first started.

If you buy direct from Microsoft it's £40 & that price has never changed,how many things can you say that about?

I get my live from cdkeys & it's £20 for 12 months,i call that extremely cheap for everything you get.


What are we getting for our £20 a year? how's about:

1:  24 free games a year (going up to 48 free games a year once BC gets fully released)

2:  A built in party chat system

3:  24/7 (usually) storage space for save files

4:  Weekly discounts on games

5:  Access to multiplayer in games

6:  Updates to games that automatically download and install

7:  Updates to consoles that automatically download and install

All of this which runs on huge very expensive server farms dotted around the world (the company I work for built one for Microsoft in Amsterdam a few years ago, I know how expensive it was)

Basically £20 for all that is not very much.

Why are you getting annoyed over something so trivial? Live costs £20 a year. Hardly breaks the bank.

I have steam on my not great pc and it seems to be about the same level of broken as my xbox one. The joy of steam is that i can play everything and more at much more reasonable prices. I am started to get annoyed over forking out for my live subscription as well. When you think about it what do you get? Games at a higher price that you can buy for trade ins and erm......multiplayer. Which i dont do much of really.

DLC is region locked on Steam too.

If you think there is less *** on the PC then take a look at Arkham Knight. Multiplatform games are made with consoles in mind, the PC version is often an afterthought.

I think i am about to jump on that Steam Machine wagon. Same products. Better prices. Less bullsh!t. I have been with xbox since original launch and think a change is as good as a holiday.

Whoops! I didn't know. I do apologise, Stupops.

Thats so cheeky of them. Seriously. We are all on the EU. We should be able to buy content from wherever we want. Thats whats happened to me then. They could have only just done it for metal gear as i was playing it a few days ago.

Incorrect.Most digital stuff on the xbox one is now region locked.

When it first released it was region free but to many people were setting up accounts in the wrong region to get digital content cheaper so now it's mostly region locked.

No, DLC is not region locked.

Have you tried deleting it and re-installing it?