Regarding the Update

Bear in mind that Major Nelson said that everyone will have it by 10am EST. This does NOT mean it will come out at 10am EST. Practically speaking, around 5-6am is when things like this usually roll out for the majority. So please, PLEASE stop spreading misinformation and saying it will come out at 10. Either develop better reading comprehension skills, or remain silent.

With that out of the way, I'll admit I'm restarting my Xbox constantly now.


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You dont have to keep restarting your console, you will be signed out of xbox live and prompted to download and install the new update

It's delayed!


Until? ^^

Lmao i was doing the same thing, guess i'll just leave my xbox on and keep an eye on it O-o

 They have to finish their coffee and donuts.

I been checking on and off for the past couple hours and its past 10am and I still havent so I decided to get on here to make sure something on my end wasnt going wrong lol

Go look at his twitter:

He just says later today