Regarding gamertag "City".

I write to you today (enforcement team), regarding a simple matter - Me supporting my brand and i feel that i need this inactive gamertag to do so. the gamertag is "city" and it was inactive for awhile and believed to be used for a partner service not even xbox itself. it would be great if the account could be freed up for a member like me who pays monthly for the service and would of course pay to change my gamertag to the now freed up one.



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This is the official word (the original poster is an Xbox Support staff member) on inactive gamertags.

[quote]I heard old GTs are being re-added. When will "This GT" be available?
There is no schedule or estimated dates for when certain GTs will become available again. GTs are not an on-demand service. They will be available when they are available.[/quote] 

It's also worth remembering that just because a Microsoft account isn't being used on the Xbox, doesn't mean it isn't being used on other services or as a Windows logon.

Why should someone lose part of their account just because you want it.

Dear OP, I feel I need it more then you do.