The account is confirmed by chat personal as adult but cannot sign into forums or play skate 3 online. Even though FIFA OK, NEED FOR SPEED, COD, BATTLEFIELDS,


Gamertag with issue is :- Littleboss0911


Mod Edit: Please do not post reference numbers on the forums. Thank you.


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The enforcement team do not read these forums  so whoever told you that was wrong.

You can't post reference numbers on the forums either.

You might be better off asking on E.A.'s forums as it seems to be an issue with that one game.

Hi thanks for advice but called x4 chat personal all said same thing.

My account looks like its an adult account but when i try to go on forums with account that has issue says that i cannot as i am age restricted. tried so many things to get this sorted but always comes back to go on this forum. Any ideas how i get to enforcement team? Thanks again

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Like Daft has said, you would need to talk with the game developer and publisher of the forums you are trying to access. As you can access these forums, you would be able to access the Microsoft forums. So this is why you would need to contact the game developer or publisher to see why you can not acces their forums as the Xbox Enforcement team do not have any power on other websites and would be unable to help and assist.

If you are having issues accessing these forums, you will need to send a Private messege to the Forum Moderators of these forums. You can generaly find one dotted somewhere.

Hope this helps

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Thanks all i appreciate all your comments but everyone seems to be missing the point it is the XBOX FORUMS that says I am under age even though i can play all games such as COD and Fifa. Its not the publisher that has the problem it is the XBOX live account. I am still being told that my account with the issue (not this one) is an adult account but i am not so sure as I cannot go on forums like I say as I am age restricted. Thanks you both for taking the time but I am getting so frustrated with this account. Thanks again

Are you part of a Family Plan for your Gold membership? I know it has been discontinued but Microsoft haven't yet gotten around to converting all of them to individual Gold accounts. The three 'child' accounts in a family plan would be seen by the service as child accounts.

Thanks for your reply but no it's not on a family plan. I did check again yesterday and it seems the account has an issue at xbox live end. It's my account, which is an adult, as I can play all games (except skate 3 online) but when I go to forums I am age restricted and it also appears to be a child account when I look into the account in family filters. Totally frustrated as I just want someone from xboxlive to contact me so I can sort out. I know everyone is saying forums is not the right place but on chat I have been directed here x5 times. Any ideas how I can this sorted. Again I appreciate your email.

Hey there

Sorry for the misunderstanding of your question

I have looked online, and found you an email so you can contact the Forum Moderators or Admins. The email is:

*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Please post back your results


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