Reedemed 80 MSP and can't buy an indie game because I'm 1p short

My Xbox 360 is using the real currency (Beta Dashboard) and because of that I'm unable to purchase an XBLIG (costs 80 MSP) game is there a way to add just one penny more to the account to buy it or what?


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you are best of using the private beta forums, only they can advise what is possible to do on the beta

If you try to purchase it, it should ask if you wanna use the balance of your account and pay the rest on your credit card... not sure how it's gonna react to a penny tho.

log into live on another xbox?

Where did you get a code for 80msp`s?

[quote user="THEOWENKILLER"]

Where did you get a code for 80msp`s?

[/quote]Could be rewards, I got a code this morning for 80msp. 

[quote user="GreyPilgrim"]Could be rewards, I got a code this morning for 80msp. [/quote]

Don`t they just put them on your account without codes?

I could do with a code for 80 points my self,thats how much i am short for some dlc i want,i can`t seem to buy less than 400.

If you are in the beta they are emailing you out codes. I got two codes, one for 80MSP and one for 160MSP. I only had 160MSP due too.

Yeah it was a code from rewards because they couldn't put in the MSP due to being on the Beta Dashboard,

Should this be mentioned in the Beta forums??? EDIT - oh it's been said.... damn google chrome not caching or whatever properly... or my eyes!!!