Redbox Instant Beta error 2260

Has anyone else had this problem?   I signed up for the 30 day free trial and then downloaded the app on my xbox and all I get is error 2260.   I have done what they say to do on their website and cleared my system cache and it does not help.  I have even deleted the app and everything associated with it and then cleared the system cache,  shut down and restart,  then redownload and the same thing happens.  I got on live chat and they said it would take 72 hours before I got a reply from technical support.   I currently have Netflix and Amazon Prime so I don't really have a need for it but I thought I would try it out and if it was good enough I could replace Netflix.   I don't  see that happening.  The only allure to Redbox Instant is the 4 free DVD codes you get a month which beats Netflix, but you only get to rent them for a day and if you go over then you have to use up another code.  8 Dollars is not bad but I don't see enough content available to replace Netflix and I order enough from Amazon to justify my Prime membership so I don't think its worth it right now.  


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yeah I get it too. I thought it was that I don't have Live gold right now but sounds like you do so who knows. not a very encouraging start.

Hmm the app works for me. Maybe I will give it a try :)

lol don't even bother with this. it only has 150 or so movies you can stream and no tv shows. plus all the movies available for streaming are already on netflix. stick with netflix.

Well I don´t even use Netflix and I am sure I can manage that someone pick me up that stuff each day and bring it back but for some reason I still prefer to stick with the normal Xbox Video stuff.

Anyone find a solution for this?  I just downloaded the app and I'm getting the same error.

im gettin the same code