Red vs. Blue Gamer Pictures

Anybody know where I can download them from? They aren't on the Dashboard anymore for some reason.


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Someone answered this:  "OK. Yeah, they are not so easy to find anymore.

Here is one option I just tried:

-Use the steps like you are going to change your gamerpic (Profile --> Edit Profile --> Gamer Picture) and hit "Download Gamer Pictures"

-Up comes a big list of gamerpicture packs. Dig through there are you will see some Red vs. Blue

-At the top right is a number listing (it will say 1 of 1603 or something). Just scroll through the find the numbers.

Here are a few packs I found:

   Number 12: Blue Team Picture Pack

   Number 36: Wacky 1 Picture Pack

   Number 46: By The Numbers: Red Team Picture Pack

   Number 53: Wacky 2 Picture Pack

   Number 93: By The Numbers: Evil Picture Pack

   Number 107: Wacky 3 Picture Pack

   Number 130: Grifball Picture Pack

   Number 134: Misfits Picture Pack

The list goes on. Dig through there and you'll find them.It's a good thing they are popular. Otherwise, they would be harder to find. Just don't forget that they all cost money (around 160 MSP)

They take old stuff off the Marketplace sometimes. Maybe it was removed already?

Yes it should, but it's not.

Choose R on the Marketplace for Gamer Pictures, it should be there.

im pretty sure you can search gamer pics by title, just as you would an arcade game.

Do you mean these?