Red Faction: Armageddon Commando&Recon Edition details

Iv seen this new lim edition added to sites but there is no info on what you get extra with the game,? So does anyone have the low down on what you get with this edition, I wanna no if I should cancel my standard edition and get this, Info plz


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   * Commando Pack: Commando Pack that includes the armored Commando uniform and adds two new weapons to their arsenal. Players will spray an unforgiving stream of destruction with the Plasma Thrower, or slice and dice the infestation with dual Laser Pistols.

   * Recon Pack: Recon Pack that includes the clandestine Recon uniform, constructed specifically for Red Faction snipers and spies. Unleash two new weapons on your foes, including the Arc Welder, which immobilizes and electrocutes clusters of enemies, and the XNG-5000, which launches devastating Nanite-filled projectiles that seek out targets and dissolves them.

Is it all online stuff then? Or is it 4 use in the single Player game???

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Is it all online stuff then? Or is it 4 use in the single Player game???


I'd say probably single player- it would be unfair if some players had better weapons that others.


But on the other hand, is there actually a competitive multiplayer game type or will it only be co-op style survival? If this is the case, maybe the weapons are in both single and multiplayer?

No competitive, only co-op.

I believed this game was released on the 10th June?

A few sites ( Shopto being one ) have this down for the 3rd June, anyone know for sure?