Red Dead Redemption Help For Noobs Like Me.

Hi, so i recently purchased red dead redemption, and i bought a code for war horse, golden guns and an outfit i think, now,

What i would like to know is:

1.)  How do you access different game modes online, such as legends and killers and liars and cheats, as well as the co-op campaign missions, i have bought the undead nightmare pack, and when i go to multiplayer i am just in something called free roam and i do not know how to access the game modes,

2.) i cant redeem the code as it says failed to connect to the rockstar code unlock server please try again later, does this mean what is says? or has the code been redeemed

Thirdly, at some point would anyone like to do the Co-Op missions with me as ll my friends sold this game long ago, thanks


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Can't help with the code not working.sorry

When you are in free roam just press back and you'll get a (long) list of all the multiplayer games and coop stuff, even poker and liar's dice (if you have the correct packs) just choose from there