Red Bull X-fighters and lack of trial.

Has anybody else noticed a lack of a trial version for this game on the dashboard?


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yes, whats going on there, I want to try is but I will NOT spend 800ms points with out trying it!!!

Same here, FIX!!!!!

Not all games get demo's It's down to the developer to make them not microsoft. Try posting on the developers site and see what they say.

"I'm not sure why there is not a demo showing up. Every Arcade game has a demo. I just noticed that there is a demo if you sign in on the this is clearly a issues. Let me investigate"

Doesn't appear on Xbox for me if I'm signed in... On it has a link for a trial but it's not there either.

Problem seems to be fixed since they put Renegade Ops on the arcade.

Not worth 400msp though, never mind 800msp.

XBLA is so over priced its unbelievable, i just pick them up when they are on sale

I think they are priced pretty good. When they are good that is... Trials HD/Limbo/Braid etc... all well worth what they ask. This however is not great. Not bad but like Grimstreaker80 said... hardly worth 400 really nevermind more. I'd play it for an hour and then never load it up again.