Recruiting Team Captains for Halo and Call of Duty (18+)

Sidewinder Gaming is recruiting 2 Team Captains to head up our British and American teams. These Captains will take charge of a small squad and act as my effective 'right hand men'. It will be your job to recruit new personnel for your squad in the correct manner (which will be discussed). The squad will act as a clan squad, matchmaking and Gamebattles; should the will arise.


You must show:


- Great skills in leadership

- A need to adapt to changing circumstances and situations

- A compassionate personality

- A nice person! 


It's hard to summarise just what sort of clan we are. In essence, Sidewinder Gaming acts as a hub for players on the Xbox 360 playing various games such as Call of Duty and Halo. However, one thing separates us from the rest; organisation.


Sidewinder Gaming aims to be your gaming homepage. Now that might sound like an off statement, but we want it to be your homepage where you go to converse with others, set up matches and generally make the most of games. 


Here's a few things that will help you decide whether this is right for you:


- You are 18 or above 

- You are respectful of others and yourself, treating gaming environments as your humble abode

- You are committed to becoming a member

- In regards to location, anywhere is acceptable. We are currently recruiting captains and administrators to lead within different time zones.


These are the most major elements of becoming a member of the clan. Over time, these rules may adapt and change due to the changing nature of a larger group. 


As an ultimate vision, Sidewinder Gaming will be a large collective of friends playing under the Sidewinder Gaming banner. For instance, if you're a Gears of War player, you can try-out for our Sidewinder Gaming team for GoW. Likewise, if you're a Halo, Battlefield or Call of Duty fan, a similar application for a team can be made.


Thanks for your time, and I really look forward to getting to know you all individually. 

Should you wish to apply, head on over to the website and click 'Join Us' and I'll send you a message very soon!


PLEASE NOTE: This clan is new, we are very much young and this is your chance to be apart from the ground up. As of next month, we will have our own dedicated website along with prizes such as Microsoft Points. Look at this as an oppourtunity to be a part of something bigger, and a way to get the best out of your gaming experience. 

Thanks again.


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Very nice fella with a good vision on gaming and what a community should be

Would recommend

sign me up please cod 24/7