Recovering games from banned profile

I contacted Live chat about recovering my games from my perma banned profile to my new one and they directed me here.

Seems kind of silly I cant play any of the games I paid for anymore. Old profile is inF MuDkIpZ x

Ref:[Mod Removed]

Thanks :)


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You can't, they're gone, it's in the TOS when you signed up, sorry for you, but it's the law.

I was told someone from xbox live will look into my account about it.

You can ask in the banned Account / Console forum, but I have never heard of it being done, I'll find you a link.


I can't get the quick link to work but copy paste the following into your address bar,


What would be the point in banning the account if you got to keep everything??

You will not get anything back that was purchased on that account.

What would be the point? How about the fact that you lose everything on your account like achievements, points, game progress etc. I think keeping the games I actually paid money for is kind of over the line, especially since I got banned for something so stupid.

Perhaps you should read the terms & conditions you agreed to when you started your account.

It tells you that if your account is banned you lose all dlc,remaining live membership etc.

Doesn't matter if you think the reason was stupid,you were banned & you will not get any of the games etc. back.

Hey there,

I agree with the other people with this. It states that membership and content is non refundable when you buy them from the Market Place when your banned.

I would also like to say that posting reference numbers is also agains forum rules

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