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A friend and I want to record our conversations on live, audio as well as visual. How can we do this?


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Well a good introductory way is to get your self a dazzle you can find one here  Now this one comes with free splitters so you wont need to worry about all that.  But your going to need to set up your settings on your xbox.  Hit your guide button then right bumper twice go to settings. Then one down to preferences, once their go to voice.  Under the section Voice Output make sure Play Through Both is selected. This way you can hear and also record voice chat.  You going to need a PC to hook all this up threw.  Instructions on how to do so can be found in the user manual that you get from dazzle.  Its a pretty easy process and hope to see some videos from you soon.  Hope this helped..

Is there any easier way?

Whats the best way?

You could just use Skype with your friends and record that as your recording the game. Then merge the voiceover with the game video

no way to record using Xbox that I know of.