Recommended Internet Connection in Montreal?


Anyone living in Montreal and recommends an internet plan which good for online gaming?



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Broadband Internet. There is no mandatory minimum broadband speed for Xbox gaming. Xbox One will also have much more servers to play with - 300,000 Xbox Live servers compared to the 15,000 Xbox Live servers for Xbox 360. You do not have to have ultra fast fibre optic broadband internet though the faster speeds do help. ADSL Broadband is fine. Mine is around 8.0+mb/sec down and 0.8mb/sec up. Some apps of Xbox stuff may state "recommended" minimum speeds like 2mb/sec etc. Ultra fast fibre optic broadband would help since Xbox One supports larger numbers in multiplayer.

Do you have telus in Montreal? I live in Vancouver and I'm with telus 50 plan. My speed results are usually 52-54Mbps download and 10-11Mbps upload. I pay about $70 month but they have promotion right now for new customers and it will charge you about $45 for first 6 months. My plan is bundled with their other services so its cheaper than standalone.

XB1 REQUIRES a MINIMUM internet speed of 1.5Mb/sec.. just make sure of that....

I use videotron cable.  It's reliable and fast.  Upload speeds have been improved.  Only issue is the bandwidth caps at 150 gig for me and that's going to be a problem when the xbox one comes out since I want to purchase my games digitally.  There is an unlimited bandwidth package  ... it's only $10 if you have 2 other services with them (otherwise it's $30)

Here's my package: