Anyone got any recommendations for any gems out at the moment? I am bored to death of COD. 


Recently I have really got into fight night, is fight night champion any good? And also I see Brink is going for roughly £13 on GAME, has anyone played this? 


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fist of the north star for a no brainer ultraviolent game that is worth a look, its the game i have played most this year i reckon.

F.E.A.R 3 is very good if you have some friends that are playing it. Plenty of content.

OK will offer something different


Alan Wake or look at the arcade games


Trials HD

Splosion Man

Track & Field

Shadow Complex


Comic Jumper

Fight night champion is ok for story and legacy mode(single player) but the online is poor as there are many cheats that use unsporting methods to win or quit just as they are losing the match,very annoying.out of all the games i have played brink is the worst,its awful.i played it again today,the first time since release day and the appauling lag is still there even though it was supposed to be fixed in june and still no free dlc as promised.if you are a cod fan dont even bother trying brink you will regret wasting £13

Apparently Brink is short gameplay

I absolutely hated Brink. I wouldn't recommend it. Fear 3 is good, as is Shadows of the Damned. Red Faction Armageddon is fun but average. Watch some youtube videos of games you are interested in, that should help

not short enough

Brink is a good, multi player game, yes its short but get yourself a great team it is good. I wouldn't reccomend it if you were wanting a good solo game though.

if your into achievements you won`t get them as easy in fight night champion as you do in fight night 3.i got 1000gs in fn3 in a few hours im on about 200gs in champion and i played it for weeks

I got BRINK on Press copy:

Get GoW! It's so underrated, Enslaved is brill' too