recommendations for xb1 bf4 military style clans.

Ive not done the clan thing for a long time now,but I take my gaming seriously,and back when sniping was seriuosly frowned upon and if you didnt use a mic it was like why are you even gaming?

I was in a clan (tatical warfare)where in game,lost planet,gears,cod,we had call signs for literally every game or modes we played,we had divisions uk and us,a 20,000 member forum,it was highly organised and the wins proved it worked,unfortunatly over time and due to the abuse of the 360,clan matches became dire to play.

Now obviously we are all waiting up coming fixes in many areas of games and the xb1 in general,but if im going to devote my time and skills in fps team play,I want to check what decent clans are out there.

My ethos is when the final kill is scored,and your team wins appears on the screen,you have fought tooth and nail to have your squad/team m8s back, from the 1st bullet to the last,not what your k/d ratio is.


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My advice would be to go here. It's a forum specifically for clans - I think you'll find what you're looking for there more so than you would here. ;)