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My current headset, which I got with my Xbox, has lasted me about 2 years now but I'm afraid it's on the verge of breaking. So I'm wondering if any of you can link me to a cheap yet efficient headset. I tried looking myself but after reading reviews, I discovered that some headsets which aren't made by microsoft have really dodgey manufacturing and I have read that people can't speak to or hear their friends.

I'm not a competetive player so I'm not looking for a turtle beach or bulky stereo sound headset. Just a headset which I can talk to my friends/players and hear them which is reasonably priced.


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I think really you have answered your own question. Go for an official Xbox 360 headset.

Like you say (and I have experienced) the non official Xbox headsets are cheap and don't last long.

And if you're not a competitive gamer than Turtle Beach's are pointless.

Turtle beach x11s ya can puck em up dirt cheap now and the difference you'll notice is well worth it you'll wonder how u ever did without them guarenteed

I got myself TBX41s but then I use them with my laptop for music and my dvd player for films so for me they were worth it , however several of my mates were in the same position as yourself and they all ended up with the X11s and say they are brilliant for the money.

I bought a pair of Turtle Beach XLCs, because they are around the same price as the official Microsoft headset. They're also made to a higher quality, and while they don't change my gameplay radically I enjoy having them for my gaming sessions. I don't use them for anything else though because I have a pair of Sony MDR-XD200s, and a pair of Creative EP-830s, for those purposes.

Turtle Beach X11, Amazon £36.99

I had a pair of the XLCs, they were terrible for when I played COD.

I agree with the above I have the X11s and I was the same as you I didnt want any fancy headset but when I first had them the clarity was unreal.

But as states youre best sticking to Xbox Officials unless you make the jump to TB's.

go for the X11's it's the cost of a game but you'll love them. they'll also get cheaper as they're being replaced (as i found out when i tried to buy my friend a pair at gamefest) can't remember what the new ones are called though. in the morning ( as i am heading to bed now) i will look it up for you though,