Recommend me a headset

Hi, i'm looking for a headset to use for mw3 online. I've looked up a few but I can't make up my mind. The steelseries 7xb is very tempting.

I would prefer a wireless headset (the less wires the better!), good sound for full single player immersion and a separate option to tell footstep directions and what not. It's a given but durability and reliability is a must too.

Your advice would be appreciated, cheers. 


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The ones you mentioned look good....

But other options are....For total wireless i'd suggest either the PX5 with the XBA, or the XP500's that should come with the XBA. If you want wireless apart from a cable going from headset to controller then the Astros A40's with the wireless mixamp.

The PX5 and XP500 have presets for footsteps and also can be be fully customized.

Turtle beach X41s

Ye what Landells says, the X41's are astoundingly good, I have a pair and use them all the time.

From the reviews on amazon the 5xb looks to be poorly made with multiple people complaining of faulty sets. This is making me reconsider my interest in the 7xb.

I was looking at the XP500 recently but it isn't out yet and without some reviews from fellow gamers and game journalists alike I don't fancy spending £200+ just yet. I do want one for MW3 from the launch date though.

The astros look good but having to constantly adjust chat and game sounds isn't appealing.

I might wait for the XP500's after all. We'll see.

EDIT: i'm aware of the x41's but the hissing and signal interference is off-putting. 

off topic: these forums are very slow, is this the norm?

Astro A40's with Wireless MixAmp without a shadow of doubt.

px5 or xp500s . Love mine big time, that or the x31s

Turtle Beach X41 or Astro A40 iMO.