Reasons to buy an Xbox One

So I'm considering buying an Xbox One this week since the Titanfall bundle is down to $450. 

The main issue I'm having is it seems like the PS4 has better specs, PS4 runs more games at 1080p 60FPS, PS+ offers a lot more benefits (although XBL is obviously a more stable service), and I like the interface design of the PS4 more. It also seems like there's a huge lack of games for both consoles currently.

I really would like to buy an Xbox One, but I need some convincing to drop that much money on a console. What I want to know is why you purchased an Xbox One instead of a PS4.

On a side note: If I do get an Xbox One, should I purchase a second controller? I love playing games with friends, and I'll definitely be getting more controllers when Halo comes out, but it seems like local multiplayer is severely lacking currently.


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Which games do you want to play ?

Which features do you want to use ?

Answer these and you got your choice.

I picked Xb1 reason being great games

Huge potential and xbox live

Also have to admit wasn't keen on Kinect but after using it i love it :)

Also being able to snap and unsnap and switch from gaming to t.v  

Wait, save your money, and then buy both.  You are not missing much on either platform IMO

Xbox....  Watch TV


Xbox play (enter title here)


Xbox, go to Netflix...


And finally Plants vs Zombies!  OMG!!!  This is a game that needs recognition! My TF is collecting dust because of PvZ!    Great game!  

Xbox Exclusives > Sony Exclusives.

Xbox one has the Games. PERIOD. dont let the specs fool you. this E3 is where the Xbox one will really shine.

xbox will shine over the next 12 months

if you feel like you need convincing, then neither. wait until there are more games then decide.

^This. If you need random internet people to convince you to buy it, then don't. This may sound wierd but people usually buy what they WANT. Not what the internet convinces them to buy.

Multiplats are better on PS4

so it comes down to exclusives

Xbone has dead rising 3, ryse, forza 5, although dr3 was a paid-for exclusive

Sony seems to have more software teams, Killzone,Infamous, Driveclub, Resogun, Uncharted, Last Of Us, The Order,Gran Turismo

Best advice, wait till e3, its all about games this year!

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