Reasons Not To Get Euro 2012 DLC.

In concept, it seems a good, visable option for the avid fifa fan, a reduced dlc package to keep you going this summer. But don't be fooled, the dlc EA have released, is quite honestly, atrocious,

Here are the main reasons why you should NOT buy this DLC.

  • Over half the teams on the game are unlicensed, despite it claiming to be the "Official licensed tournament"
  • Included In these teams are co-hosts Ukraine and Poland, with Ukraine being totally unlicensed , and neither having their real kits.
  • It is not possible to play your friends online, only as the actual tournament
  • The game constantly freezes, with glitches and bugs a constant thing, with consistant lag whilst loading.
  • When playing online, substitutes are not seperated from the reserves and so you can be unsure as to how many slots you have, as well as it not actuall registering your top 5 subs and providing you with two GK's and 3 CB's.
  • No new songs , although stated on various websites.
  • No qualifying rounds, they have removed them and put in a "world tour" type mode which is quite honestly, only put in there to attempt to justify this awful price tag

    Now, some may say that I rushed into it, but if you are an avid fan like me, you want to own it. But quite frankly , this is the final straw. You may say that I knew what I was buying, but a patch better be out sharpish, or this really should be refund material, this is the honestly shocking from EA, its like they don't care at all. It's like their not even bothered.

    So, if you are in two minds at this moment in time, please, refrain from buying until this price tag is reduced and/or the relevant problems as stated above are verified to some extent.

    PS, Germany here we come!!!!!!!!!! KTBFFH!!!!!!

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Come on guys leave Kevin (UT) alone...

Just like your personality then.

[quote user="Praetorian VIII"]

[quote user="iAshHD"]

So...are all of the 16 Euro 2012 qualified teams licensed then?



No.  The OP said Ukraine wasn't and they're the co-hosts.


Is it just the Ukraine then? (as far as the 16 qualified teams go, that is). 

Well if nothing else comes from Terror wasting £15.99 on this DLC then others learn from his be it

D-. Must try harder. Even more so given some parts of Liverpool.

Ah right. Holding up the stereotype well i see. I'll give you a nice grade of A++ for that.

The dream of people not saying silly things? yeah sure why not.

In all seriousness if you cant tell the difference between Fifa09 to the Fifa's up  to 12 then it's probably best you don't critique any games gameplay. Fifa or anything else.

£15.99 for a game that would normally cost £40 if EA released it boxed...

There's no pleasing some people!

Wait....err why couldn't they bring the custom kits into clubs :?

No play a friend is a big mistake from EA

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