Really glad!!!!

That I was an early adopter of this console. Yes there have been a few issues, but nothing that has made me ever regret my purchase. The main reason I'm glad though. Now I get to watch this great console grow into something that will be with us for a long while. Already I am excited about the new patch coming out and the improvements that come with it. I know the haters will come in and say "oh but it should have been like that in the first place" but I disagree. How do you know something won't work unless you try it first. This is what patches and improvements are for. Iron bugs, improve system, and generally make the experience better through trial and error. Sometimes things look good on paper but aren't really practical in the real world. The good thing is that, after only 3 months we are already seeing Microsoft improve the xbox one. I personally see this machine ending up on par, or even better than One of the greatest consoles of all time. The Xbox 360. So here I sit. A happy early adopter. May the road be long!!!!


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I agree too.

When i look at my time spend on Xbox one and gaming on it....Really worth it.

No argument here... :)

Amen. Early adoption has only given me more time to enjoy the great games and awesome service that is Xbox! We all can say things could have been better, but I am a glass half full kind of guy. A very happy early adopter!

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