Really getting out of hand! Lol.

A friend of mine called today and wanted do some gaming. We were deciding on which game...Killer Instinct? Nope! (I'm already over my cap for the 17Gb patch.). Borderlands 2? Negative! (Needs a 1528Mb patch...on his connection would take over 2 hours.). G.T.A. 5? Ain't going to happen! (Still way over my cap for a 5 Gb patch.). Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? Are they kidding? (Both in unison after finding out about the 7.7Gb patch.). Think the only games I own that don't need updates is Forza 5 and Tomb Raider on the X Box.

We went to the hobby shop to look at new R.C. helicopters/planes, then out to lunch; good times!

Peace, J.R.


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Rise up against your opperssors!

I just do not get it...  I have no cap.. $140 a month for phone/internet/cable with no cap with 101/50 speeds, 4 premium cable channels.. unlimited wifi that connects at 40/20 even on my crappy Nokia Windows phone..Can someone explain to me why this is not standard for everyone?

Caps really do suck ..I just had to upgrade my plan because of caps!

It was 250 GB but now with all the kids on thier phones and video streaming we upgraded to the highest they offer...700 GB a month for 70/15 for 60 bucks a month ,,thought that was insane and i had it bad but after reading your issues i feel bad for ya ..That really sucks!

Yes Bizarro, And i'm not talking about Port Moresby, I'm talking about the bush, Rabaul, Milne bay. South Korea and PNG are two worlds apart.

3Gb is pretty big for mobile mine is 10 but shared with 3 other people

[quote user="Azrael008uk"]

You should throw all of your mobile phones into the Boston Harbor.


I'm in!

But seriously, data caps are going to be a huge obstacle in the future should any console want to go full digital downloads. Thankfully I have no data cap but I know plenty of people who do who are stuck waiting for new games or other downloads for the new month to roll in. I always ask why stay with a company if they cap your data like that? Because there's just no other options in that area. Pretty sad.

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Internet providers on earth are living in the stone age era.....

It looks like they don't want us to evolve.....

We shall go on to the end.  We shall game in France, we shall game on the seas and oceans, we shall game with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall game on our island whatever the cost may be.  We shall game on the beaches, we shall game on the landing grounds, we shall game in the fields and in the streets, we shall game in the hills; we shall NEVER be capped!

What backwater developing nation are you residing in where your data is capped in such a draconian manner?

Well, the rest of the world doesn't necessarily have Cheetos either.

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