Really a full trial? And, really a "Gold" weekend?

I just redeemed a 48 Hour trial earlier today and am severely disappointed with how misleading it happens to be.  My gold subscription ran out about a month ago, and I figured I would be able to renew it for at least two days.  I found that I was able to send messages, party invites, watch Netflix but, much to my dismay, I was unable to download the Battlefield 3 beta after weeks of anticipation and excitement for it.

I thought that, for all intents and purposes, I had redeemed Gold for two days' time and am rather distraught that the terms of the trial were switched out on me.

But, a glimmer of hope showed in the potential of a free Gold weekend, the 1st and 2nd of October.  What I want to know, however, is does it really extend actual "Gold Membership" for that weekend, or the rather stunted excuse of service that is a "Free membership"?


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Downloading the beta within the 1st week of its launch is a Gold Exclusive same as most demos are gold exclusives for 7 days. Using a 48 hour trial does not give you gold status but it allows you to make use of Gold Account features

I tried to download the beta and it said it was a gold exclusive.

Kinda funny considering the only way I even knew about it being a free gold weekend was from the Battlefield 3 Beta facebook page saying that it was a free gold weekend and that you could pick up the beta with it. >.<

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[quote user="Covert Affairs"]

trial cards have always been just that trials.

[/quote]Still not a good enough reason not to let him play the Beta for the 48 hours. Why block any kind of content if it can be used to promote the sale of a regular Live subscription?

umm hey lord bane how bout you learn about xbox live before posting, a 48 hour trial gives you access to all the benefits a gold member has [Mod Removed: Attacking others shall not be tolerated. please don't do it!].  

As the name implies - It's a 48 hours "Gold Trial". To be considered as Full Gold, you will need to redeem at least a one month subscription.

trial cards have always been just that trials.

No that still works

This is the first I have heard about a 48 hour code not being full gold membership. If you want to play the beta you should just make a brand new account cause they give you 30 days of full gold membership for free. Unless they changed that too.