Real wireless Headset for Xbox 360

I've been looking around all the wireless Headsets available, all are expensive and none provides a real integration with the Xbox 360, adapters and several cables are required. When can we have a product integrated as the Sony PS3 wireless 7.1 headset, I'm sure many gamers are waiting for this.



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I completely agree with this users post. Why does PS3 have their own branded 7.1 truly wireless headset and we have all these crappy tethered headsets? If XBOX is the gamer's console then we need a real wireless headset. I look forward to Microsoft putting their engineers to work and coming out with a XBOX branded 7.1 wireless headset in the near future. I also expect it to be affordable like the PS3's version.

Yes, I'm with you!!!!!

I've been looking a headphone 100% wireless for my 360. All I could get is a very expensive, very bulky and super complex system to get something like the simple  and inexpensive 100% wireless (audio and chat) Sony PS3  game headset.

I can believe that Microsoft had miss this opportunity of coming up with a good product and let others like Turtle Beach and Triton to develop poor wireless head set. Its a shame that Sony has a real wireless head set for the Play 3 and XBOX 360 is far away to have this accessories. I cant find any excuse for Microsoft  team to do better and come up with a real wireless head set that will cover all gamer expectations. The only comment that I can add is who after coming up with the Kinect  Microsoft had let this happened, its ridicules!....

i agree i am thinking about getting astro a-40 i think xbox should have bluetooth

We need something like this for XBOX 360... Wake up! Microsoft

Today a game's seller told me the Sony Wireless Headset 7.1 works on XBOX... does anybody have tested it? I've been thinking to buy and test it, unless someone with 100% sure can garantee me that doesn't work!

Actually the Tritton Warheads are the only true wireless pair of headphones you can get on the 360 since Mad Catz bought the exclusive rights. With that being said though, I still prefer Astros.

And even if somebody told you the Sony headphones will work on the 360, they could never do voice chat even if it is true. Besides. Sonys official headphones are garbage anyway.Pulse Elites are 150.00 and can only pull off 7.1 virtual surround from a 2 channel source. Further more, Sony has a scam going on with these headphones. The wireless USB dongle is the size of a flash drive and if you lose it or it malfunctions, they do not sell a replacement You now have a 150.00 pair of ear muffs.