Real windows 10 os on Xbox(is it possible?)

First the reason I even have this idea is because it's becoming more and more clear to me that windows 10 will not be coming to xbox one. What they want to do instead is give us features from windows 10(while still limiting what we can do).Now I understand why those regulations have to be in place(partially for financial gains)but I feel my idea will work for the player and the company. Ok so my idea is to give the option of being able to install windows 10 to a external hardrive. so your Xbox would have multiple operating systems.the reason I would like this option is because you would be making the cheapest and first real gaming console/ gaming pc in one. You would be able to still have your system limitation on the xbox one you wouldn't have to worry about people trying to violate the agreement To the terms and services. And you wouldn't even have to change those rules set in place. You also wouldn't have to worry about creating any sort of agreement with steam figuring the windows 10 on the external will already run steam. this would also obviously help sell windows 10 OS helping increase the the chances of developers creating apps for the windows app market. Now this all sounds great on paper but truly I don't know. That's why I'm posting this. I want people to comment if there is any flaws to my idea I'm not seeing. I just want to know if this is even possible?( if microsoft allowed it) if any one could shed some light on this idea please do. 


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The Xbox One is a console, but with hard/software features more commonly found on a PC.

The X1 will get... I'll say... a less than full version of Windows 10. I see that as a good thing, and as such IMHO should be the ONLY OS available for the X1 once the updates becomes available.

XB1 runs 3 OS's as it is. windows 8, Xbox OS, and a 3rd to manage the other 2. upgrading it to windows 10 would be easy as it overwrites the windows 8 portion (and probably updates the OS that handles the 2) without any issue.

ummmmmmmm  Windows 10 IS coming to the XB1, will it look like your PC?  probably not... does that mean it is not operating using W10??  NO...  but W10 is also coming to windows Phone...  so how could that be??


It will be F R E E for a year to all available devices...

ElectroFlying I was asking if its possible. Not if you like it. and if you like the OS on Xbox one why would care if the gave you the choice of a separate boot for windows wouldn't effect the other. It would be optional. It would just be a computer expansion almost. With a simple 60 dollar 500 gig external add on.

Unpinya slaying_ don't mean overwriting the os8 that Xbox runs on. I don't mean having them run simultaneously. I mean two separate booting options using a external for the windows 10 . Theres even 3 ports. One for a mouse, one for a keyboard and one for the hard drive.

togellnbak_ windows 10 will now be free. When I wrote this I was unaware of this figuring it just changed. There is a simple reason for this though.  There is no real money to be made off of selling the OS. Its getting the people onto the OS. They want there app market to boom the same way that apples did. And giving every Xbox one owner this option I would think would help. Giving it out free was a smart move.

To all of you and anyone else that responds to this I just want to know if it is possible at all(if Microsoft allowed it of course.

no, you cannot dual boot on the xbox one.

you will get the xbox version of windows 10, and you will not be able to boot to a separate partition to launch a full blown windows 10 OS.

Hope this helps

Yes it's possible. Microsoft is like the biggest software company in the world who code software for computers, and run Xbox. Windows 10 has got to be better than that Windows 8 OS and Windows 8 UI which Xbox 1 has. Well Xbox 1 has 3 operating systems (windows kernel which would explain the Windows 8 like UI, Xbox OS, and hypervisor), it's UI is based of that like Windows 8. I'm planning on buying a new PC when Windows 10 comes out. It has the return of the Start Menu, you'll be able to change the desktop background too. When Windows 8 came out, you couldn't change the desktop background just like when Xbox 1 came out you couldn't change the dash background until Microsoft got tonnes of complaints aka feedback that Xbox 360 you can change the Dash background, and they added it in.

And.... Microsoft implied they wanted to unify the UI or OS or something across all it's platforms. Xbox 360 has seen several UI changes. Xbox 1 is going to have UI changes to it too. Plus Microsoft provides Updates to it's services so we may see like a Windows 10 UI on Xbox 1 sooner rather than later. Even my friends and others on Xbox Live say they don't like the Windows 8 UI on Xbox 1 and the notion they stuck a PC OS on an Xbox 1. We'll call that the Windows kernel, 1 of the 3 OS on Xbox 1. I'd welcome Windows 10 UI on Xbox 1, better than basing the UI off Windows 8 which came out O.o 2012.

My question is is my idea actually possible with the hardware in the Xbox one if Microsoft allowed the system to read windows 10. That's all I'm asking. And Ibakez I'm not even talking about partitioning a a hard drive. Unless I'm understanding partitions wrong. I don't want to use the internal drive that is already running 3 operating systems simultaneously. I'm asking if its possible to have an entirely separate external hard drive running windows 10. Are there things that would need to be added to the system aside from the hard drive and windows 10 OS(and Microsoft permissions to read windows 10)

they dont allow booting from an external source, nor does the system allow for the booting of an 'alien' OS, so my point still stands, it cannot be done (well technically its possible but you can kiss warranties etc goodbye).

Technically you could create an app for it, but its unlikely to get approved, I agree with bakez post above.

I saw the Fall Update showcased at E3. It's the same UI as Windows 10 (I'm in the Window's Insiders).

But as far as booting etc. mentioned above, it can't be done.

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