Re: Update slowing down internet

Upgraded my service plan thinking that would help with higher speeds getting about 26mb down and 1 up. Thats what the speed test read when time warner was here, replaced my Modem (SBV5121) with the same model, reset it from their end. My router was also replaced from Linksys WRT54G to D Links' DGL4500 and no difference., New Xbox too!! Connected straight to the modem I'm getting higher speeds on Xbox and with the router about a 1/5th  of what I used to get with the Linksys before update. This all seems to have occurred after that last update.  I changed out Ethernet cables too, I'm using Cat6 cables. I've spent a ton of money and time trying to troubleshoot this problem. A buddy of mine that's contracted through Microsoft  tried to walk me through all possible scenarios to get everything running, He's stumped! I How can it be the same problem with both routers? do you think Time Warner has a signal problem that's almost ghost like in our neighborhood that they cannot detect? also Time Warner replaced all cable lines as well and I have not moved anything around to cause interference, also I should add in that I get the same speed with wireless as well and that Xbox is 20 feet or less away from router.  It could be a local problem here on my end, either way I sit here with open arms to whomever can solve this mystery for me. lol


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