My son was playing the Call of Duty Ghost game. He was 5 prestige level 9 and his stats were reset to 0 and his squad point went to negative -10000 points and his level went back to Zero because he was hacked by [Mod Removed].......PLEASE HELP get his levels back and PLEASE get back to us and let us know what you do about these HACKERS!!! Thank You for your help.

Jackie Suspenzi

Please contact me at [Mod Removed]


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Its up to the developers to get his stats back (doubt that they will).

you should report the hacker on the from your console.

Also it not a good idea to put your phone number or email on the forums.  

I understand that you're frustrated, however this isn't the correct place to voice your concerns as there isn't much any of us can do about it. Also, I believe posting your personal email and phone number isn't wise, not to mention, it's against the Code of Conduct. Maybe try contacting XBL Support Team here:

Hope you get your problem solved and sorry if this isn't really what you wanted to hear.