rbi baseball 14!!!


not sure if this is old news or not but i stumbled onto this and i was stoked as i loved these games growing up. 


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Problem is you play a game or two and it freezes so you don't get to save your games.

RBI 2014 is out and it a arcade game and i play it and it suck.. i did not buy it, it is $19..00 it should be free. but it suck..  Microsft Really suck right now they Dont Have a Baseball game come out for the xbox360 or the xboxone know 2k or ea sports . i have to get the SHOW 2014 for PS3 that  suck i play xbox360 and the xboxone more,,,,    so WTF where the BASEBALL game for 360 and the one..we dont want a ARCADE we like a GAME  like 2k or ea sports...

So, I thought this was going to come out with the android version; which was on the 9th. A week later and nothing?

Anyone that doesnt like this game, never played the original versions. It wasnt made for those of you who NEED to be WOW!-ed by the graphics of every single game you play. It was made as a bit of a nostalgia trip for those of us that grew up playing the original versions. It plays JUST LIKE I would expect an updated version of RBI Baseball to play. I think 20 bucks is a bit steep, given the lack of depth but I forked it over anyway because I want to support the remaking of classics such as this. It isnt for everybody. Again, if you are one of those that thinks that a game "sucks" is you arent being blown away by stunning graphics, go somewhere else. This isnt your game but then again, if you want to play baseball this year on Xbox, its your only option