Rayman Legends: Cant sign into Xbox live or get achievements while playing


Bought Rayman Legends last night and its great!

However it will not let me sign into xbox live while playing, nor will it let me get achievements, or even see them.

Has anyone heard of this happening before to this game or another? If so, please could I have some tips on how to play the game properly?

Thanks for your time.


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Not sure myself but a quick Google search and other's are having the same issues.


Haha, thats me! Thanks for looking though.

LOL oh crap, ermmmm ...

You tried clearing cache etc? not sure if that would help but you never know.

If it was me I'd try ( if you've installed it etc ) deleting it and installing again.

Let us know how you get on.

Fired mine up for the first time this morning, had no issues with it at all.


It did have a 7mb update though, did you accept this update?

Hey there,


First of all, can you try playing with another profile and see if this issue occurs? If not, then it might a problem with your profile, I'd suggest you delete your profile only and clear your consoles cache, re-download your profile.


If this problem occurs with all profiles, then there might be a issue with the game itself. As suggested by Lofty, you can try clearing cache, delete the game and re-download it.


You can also check your harddrive for corrupted files, and just another thing, do you get any error codes/messages when trying to connect to Xbox Live whilst playing the game?


Let us know how it goes :)


Sorry for the long amount of time to update this!

The problem was that I put the save onto a memory card with no memory left! I deleted it and started from the harddrive and it was working fine! Not the games fault, just my stupidity!

Fantastic game by the way!

Thanks for the help, and sorry for the false alarm.

@ Monkey Monger .... Glad it's sorted :)