Rayman: Achievement not popping?

I just finished up Olympus Maximus and sent the 5th dark teensie to the moon and viewed the credits however the achievement 'Journey to the moon' did not pop. Is it glitched or am I not finished with this achievement yet?


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I don't know myself but I'd take a look in the link below, usually any problems with achievements would be reported here.


I looked in that thread first and unfortunatly came up empty handed. I was going to post in that forum space first but post responses were pretty dated and hoped I would get more help here :/. If I am at 80% progress for said achievement do you think deleting my save and reinstalling the game could solve this issue?

It could do.

I know a friend of mine had a problem with an Trials Fusion achievement not unlocking, can't remember the exact name of it but it was the one for getting run over by your own bike.

It just wouldn't unlock for him no matter how many times he done it, he deleted the game, re-installed it then got the achievement the first time he managed to meet the objectives for it so it could be worth a try.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Well I went through all the boss fights again and am sitting at 100% progress for the achievement just no pop yet. I may wait until getting all the other achievements first before deleting my saved file so I don't have to start all over again and lose the countless hours I have put into the game so far.

Has anyone else had luck when dealing with a 100% achievement that hasn't unlocked?

Ill keep you guys posted if it gets solved in case any one else has a similar issue.

You shouldn't lose your saves by deleting the game as I believe all saves are backed up to The Cloud so once you install the game again your console should just synch up with the Cloud and your saves will be there.

Well I'm 99% sure it's how it works lol but best get confirmation on this.

I'm having these same problems with Titanfall, The Achievement for winning all the levels of the IMC campaign, microsoft fix this

I am having the same isse. "Done! Unlocking..." I don't know what to do about it. I'm just going to wait it out bc the same thing happened with Turnip Combo and then it unlocked one day after not playing for a day or two. My Xbox One did a full load with the Welcome screen so maybe that's a factor.

I've had it happen on various games with  achievements ..... "Done" Unlocking" ... but they usually pop up after a day or two.

You might not even see it pop up on screen, I've had it happen where I've checked the achievement and it was unlocked and the correct score showed, I just didn't see it pop up or I just didn't notice it lol