I have seen many people on some forums and heard people talking about a Website called Raptr .

I am just a little unsure about the site because it asks for a Gamertag, Steam ID or a PSN ID.


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It asks for your gamertag but not your LIVE details, email and password. Never give them to a site and you'll be fine.

It is alot like 360achievements, only it encompasses all 3 systems. Though they ask for your game id's, they ask you nothing about other account details.  The game id is basically for people to be able to send friend requests and such through that network and make it easier to connect to play games.


Should be a safe site. As safe as ANY website can be anyways.

it DOES ask for login passwords..

Sorry think it actually doesn't ask for passwords.. My bad

The thread was almost a year old before you bumped it to give the wrong information.

Still, at least you corrected yourself.

Raptr is ran by AMD(Advanced Micro Devices). They make CPU/APU's and GPU's. It's an optimization program for people with high-end graphics cards. Basically along with it's main function, it also allows users to network all of their gaming accts. onto one acct. Example: I have my Steam, Origin, 360 and PS3 accts. all plugged into Raptr. Raptr will track all achievements and hours and keep it all in one place. Friends lists are also linked.

Yes it will require your entire loggin info. It's kind of a way for PC and console gamers to communicate and discuss gaming. But it's true function is to optimize graphics settings for PC games.