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Anyone able to tell me whether or not a PC racing wheel such as the Logitech Momo force is usable on the 360?


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No I don't think it is.

I believe at the moment the only compatible wheels are:

The official M$ wheel ( hard to get hold of now)

Fanatec wheel (v.expensive)

and a couple of cheaper madcatz wheels, which I am unsure of how good they are.

Microsoft have announced their new wireless speed wheel due for release in Oct, but untill then no one will know how good that might be.

i never got the hang of steering wheels.

isn't it funny how a lot of third party wheels work on pc and ps3

i really hate that

Hmm, a shame really that they don't work. You'd of thought being USB that it would just slot in and off you go. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a official MS one.

Yer this is realy annoying, i am looking for a wheel with a clutch on the pedal rack and the only one i can find is the porshe 911 wheel wish is about £200 which is far too much, and the lack of choice from independant retailers like mad catz is unbeliveable. Can someone please make a reasonably priced wheel (wireless or not) with a clutch? Or if not a seperate pedal rack that can connect using the ethernet cable to the MS wheel?