Racial Abuse By Gamer: [Removed]

Several times tonight I have been racially abused by this player and called a[Removed]. I have reported him and hope that he will be banned for life. His gamer score really low so I presume he has been banned before. I have reported him to Xbox Live but that will take weeks and I will call Xbox live tomorrow and see what they have to say as this can carry a jail term.

To reiterate: The gamer [Removed]has racially abused me and possibly others.


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PS. Since you GS is low, it could also be assumed YOU have been banned as well...correct?

^ idiot and your assumption ^ he could be new to xbox .

If he's new he's getting a really bad first impression of XBL.  :p

Guys, we have to keep it real here. Responding to an abusive text message which is against the code of conduct can also result in a negative reaction from xbox live. That being said it's very very difficult to keep your cool when someone insults and abuses you on xbox live and it seems as if he/she hasn't got a care in the world of the after effects. That's why it's so important to report these buggers immediately and also for Xbox to react upon these reports as soon as possible to ensure that these people understand what can happen to them. There are really some bad suckers out there unfortunately.