RAAM Insane Solo

Hi, i'm just trying to beat RAAM on GOW on Insane difficulty solo.  Although i'm kinda struggling atm, i'll explain the approach i'm taking.


I'm just Torque Bowing him until he gets close and then i throw all the frags, when i'm out of torque bow ammo then i'm gunna switch to sniper but currently i just keep getting killed before i finish torque bowing him.  I'm pretty lame with the torque bow, i've died a couple times from his turret just trying to aim on him with it.



Should i torque bow him when he has Kryll on him?  Or just w8 until he sends the Kryll away?



When he gets close should i use all my frags on him or just one, then run to the other side?



The main trouble i'm having is when he gets close and i have to run to the opposite side, he owns me with the turret or the reavers just kill me when i get into cover.



Any tips are appreciated.


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Do it in co op. Easy lol

I'm silver and i have nobody to do it with locally.  Also i've had no problem with the rest of the campaign on insane solo.  And i beat RAAM easily on my own on hardcore.  Just seem die to quickly on Insane against him.

Haha nevermind i just done it,  4 frags and about 10 torques killed him.  Didn't even have to use the sniper.  Killed him before i needed to run out of cover,  luckily Dom proved a long enough distraction i think.

All you had to do was exploit the damn wall glitch, CJ

I can't beat him on casual.