R2D2 Sounds

I just got the Stars Wars console bundle .. even my wife like ans she is not too much into the game thing (even I got 3 kinect consoles including the Stars Wars) but we got disappointed with the fact the sound don't work when You try to turn on with the control ...and I know that is few line on programing since take so long to go to the consumer market and was postpone several times .. at least the sound and one of the primary selling points was the custom sound (the paint can be done with patience) and the hard drive can be purchase apart so what is the deal .. just have to get up to listen the sound ????... Again a few lines of coding an then is going to be a real special edition ..


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Hmmm...sounds like the Force is weak within your console...

The sounds do not activate when you use the controller they only activate when you turn on the console yourself. Same with the disc tray.

This is by design and it is not any kind of fault with your system.

If it is by design, it's a stupid design.

It's not a new design, they've placed a new sound on the beeper that activates when you open the drawer or turn the console on.  None of the slims make a noise when you turn them on with the controller.