"Xbox, turn [Kinect] microphone on/off"

The issue is that we don't want to use the Kinect microphone when gaming, or on certain games. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as the use of a headset, the Kinect being inconveniently placed in front of speakers, or a noisy environment. Seriously, that guy on multiplayer games with the baby wailing in the background - turn your Kinect microphone off! But we need it to be enabled automatically for some apps of our choosing, such as Skype. I don't want my mother trying to painfully browse through settings to turn on/off the Microphone just to Skype our extended family while I'm away. Considering she isn't familiar with consoles, she might end up wiping the Xbox!

My point is, we need a screen where we can adjust microphone settings. Ever used Notification Centre on an iDevice? It lists the apps and has a toggle for notifications. We need that, but with a microphone toggle. OR - "Xbox, turn microphone on/off."

Hopefully this gets some attention. Thank you!


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It should be as simple as when the headset is plugged in, the Kinect only picks up "X Box..." commands; unplug the headset and it goes back to normal.

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