"XBOX record that" only recording 1 second clips??

Anyone know why when i say xbox record that it only records a one second clip? thought it was supposed to be 30 seconds


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That service is down at the moment according to the support page.


Which game is it?  I have noticed that in some games it records a clip much longer than 30 seconds and some only a few seconds.  Doesn't seem to be consistent.

battlefield 4

Same here, only for Battlefield 4 though, FIFA 14 and Forza records 30 second clips fine.

There is a way you can get longer than 1 second clips on Battlefield 4 while the 'record that' is broken for it. You can snap Game DVR, choose to End Clip and record the last couple of minutes of gameplay up to the last 5 minutes, the only downside is that your waiting with your screen snapped while it renders the video.

Also the I have people on my Friends list that don't seem to have this problem with the 'Record That' clips, so I don't think it is a general problem.

My issues with the record feature isn't 100% the length of the recording, however that is part of the issue. My problem is that it never records the event i was trying to capture. Either it cuts off the beginning or the end of the event, and I'm left with a useless clip that shows nothing I really wanted.

Also, while 18 seconds is longer than 1 second, it still isn't nearly enough time to truly get whats needed. I'd rather it grab a full 2 minute clip and let me edit the footage I want (up to 1min before the command up to 1min after), than the current system in place now.

I checked that support page and it says everything is up and running but I also am having the 1 sec clip crap. Even when I snap game dvr and record the last 3 minutes, I still only get 1 sec. Sometimes I say "record that", it shows that it understood what I said, but doesnt record anything.  Then I have Ryse that seems to record something everytime I press a button. I have 53 clips of ryse with nothing special about them.... thats after I deleted a bunch already. And another issue (mostly from game devs), why bother to record something awesome like a hole in one on powerstar golf, but only show the ball landing in the cup, not the swing itself. Im disappointed with the dvr service. Microsoft is lucky I love everything else about this system

just the fact it downscales all my videos to 480p and are choppy on medocre internet connections are a big turn off for the DVR...i'd rather have a standalone that displayed in 1080p....this dvr they added is garbage honestly...well it needs a huge makeover.

The hard drive isn't big enough for good 1080p recordings.

I guess unless it is doing it in the cloud but still.

people wanted state of the art...not better graphics used with old technology...shouldnt even been including if they couldnt go all out with bigger hard drives and better DVR capabilities.

I've got the 1 second issue with "Xbox record that" but also when I ask it to record the previous 5 minutes, it will only record 12 seconds , the same happens with 30 seconds, two minutes and so on, what do I do!????

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