"xbox record that" 1 second clips?

Anybody else having this issue?   I don't know how to correct it,  Any help anyone?   It used to work fine till about a week ago.. I'm stumped..


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Anyone :)

If it's happening in BF4 turn off all Kinect features and it'll record a segment, it's usually very short with using voice commands.  The Game DVR will record to five minutes.  There's some issue with memory allocation causing these problems.

Yeah bf4,   thanks for reply

i have had 0 issues with COD recording the proper 30 second clips.

It used to work fine,   it's pretty annoying tbh

Probably low on memory delete some of them

I have no problems with it recording when i command it too....but the X1 never records the last 5 min of any of my games ever.