"Xbox-On" Command

I have all  settings set to Instant-On w/ the proper checks being made.  For some very odd reason, this is the only command that will not be detected.  The power brick light is white when in standby and appears fine.  I am all out of solutions on what to do here.  Other than this issue, the Xbox works flawlessly.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  And, yes, i have calibrated my kinect numerous times and appears to be fine.


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I find with "Xbox On" I speak louder than for other commands, of course while the Xbox is already on. Similar things to your experience and mine are being reported in this support forum thread. I assume this is a software bug.

I would recommend going through the kinect setup again to ensure it's adjusted correctly.  Turn the volume of your tv 2-3x the volume you normally would

i appreciate the responses.  i have done all you guys have recommended.  i am hoping it is a software bug like mad said.  If that is the case, then it sounds like a patch can resolve this issue.  

how do i go thru the kinect setup again

Ice , go to my games and app , pick settings and go into the kinect section. Think there is 2 options you can do .. 1 is my kinect cant hear me and I have moved my kinect , something like that.

Both of those will give you a different set of things to do to try the setup again

If you go into settings and the kinect setup is in there :)

ok i got it.......... i had to redo all the settings and setup  i hurried the other night and step over some things

Yea I've done the settings thing and still it can take upwards 7 or 8 times or not at all.

i guess i waiting 5mos to get it then it 3am when i got it home i just wanted to get it hooked up and playing