"xbox on" Command not working...

Hi Guys.
Loving my XBone so far but i cant seem to get the "xbox on" command to work.
When it is on it recognises everything i want it to do and it will shut down via voice commands but not power on.

Am i missing a setting that enables this feature or is it because i'm in Australia or something? 



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What power mode did you set the xbox to be in when you power in off ??

Go to my games and apps , settings and I think power ... look in there to make sure you xbox is set to instant on ... if it says power saving then its not set to instant on and wont wake with the xbox on command,

also  , make sure the top 2 boxes are ticked.

Check if the following setting is enabled:

Settings -> Power & Startup - > Power mode (instant-on -> Wake up by saying "Xbox on.".

Also try disabling the "Resume games quickly (BETA)", for some reason this feature seem to cause some problems with the "Xbox on" command during stand-by.


I went into Power & startup and cannot see "wake by saying XBOX on" as an option.

On the left i have "turn xbox off" and under that i have it set to turn off after 1 hour of inactivity.

On the right i have

Power mode

Instant on ( only other option is energy saving )

Automatically download updates ( which is ticked)

Resume Games quickly ( not ticked)

Im beginning to think it may be a thing that has been taken out for us in Aus for some unknown reason?

You need to put the Xbox One into the "Instant on" mode under Power mode ;) When you've selected the insant power mode, you can select "wake by saying XBOX on".

For example this is how my config looks

I dont get that as an option for whatever reason.

Here is what i get


You said that you were from Aus right? Do you mean Australia with that? Ifso, you probably configured your Xbox One for Australia. It's silly but the "Xbox one' command isn't available in all launch countries, Australia is one of the countries with no support for that command. Don't have info when it's going to implemented outside of the current supported countries.

Do know that you can freely change the region of your Xbox One. If you set it to USA or UK for example you can use the command without a problem, switching regions doesn't have any effect on your experience except that you need a billing addres inside the new region when you want to use a credit card.

Yes i'm in Australia.

Thats wierd that that command doesn't work ( among other things we don't get for some reason eg. Netflix...) all the other commands seem to work.