"This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired." Military

"This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired."

 Alright, so after attempting to redeem a code for a game, I get the above mentioned error. I'm in the US Army stationed in South Korea. I just bought an Xbox 360 Kinect that included two games; FableIII, and Halo: Reach download code. I purchased the Xbox brand new from the Post Exchange(PX). For those of you that don't know, they import everything from the states. The Xbox, games, and my Xbox Live account are all North America region. Keep in mind, every game Ive tried works so far on this console except the redeeming of Halo: Reach Full Game Download.

I've tried on both Xbox.com and Xbox Marketplace. It always comes back with the same error; "This offer is not valid in your region, or it has expired." I've changed my locale from United States to Korea and vice versa.  I'm out of options, and before I call up Xbox(because its not cheap), I wanted to check on here for any ideas. Any help is appreciated.



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What region did you set for the account when you created it. If you set it to Korea a US code will not work. What i suggest is creating a new account using your home address. Even if it is a silver account(free) you will be able to use the code and will be able to play the game on any account on your console

Changing the console location in settings will not change anything.


You can't use the code because your North American Account region does not match the region of your IP, South Korea.


To stop people creating accounts for different regions to get around content locks, many items require account region and physical region to match.

the only other way around it is if you ever go back to the states for a visit then download your profile to a family members xbox and redeem the code, then you can re download your profile when you return to the military base.

Ask the base's IT department if there's anything they can do, or any contact at MS they can talk with.

only way is to get your own US connection last time i checked US satilite connection is the only option  available usually alghanistan has one but other bases will have to get their own