"See full game" option in Marketplace. What's the point?

Hey all,

So this is more of just something that's been bothering me for some reason than a real problem or anything.

I recently noticed that sometimes a game doesn't have a free trial on the marketplace but I will read online that it's supposed to or something. I never really thought about it until recently I started noticing a pattern. When I go into lets say the Sales and Specials category, there will be a list of games as usual. I click on a game and it shows related games, the overview, details, and gallery. Now in the overview section it has the price, rate, pin to home and "See Full Game" instead of a trial button. So I click on "See Full Game" and it brings you to a whole new page with a lot of times the exact same information on it except there is a new tab for "Extras" and in the spot that said "See Full Game" there is not a "Free Trial" button.

So I can't help but wonder, why is there 2 pages of almost the exact thing? It's not like the first page was a tiny description with no real information of the game and you had to click "See Full Game" to get all the real info. They were almost identical. Why not have the option button for a "Free Trial" right there on the first page. For the longest time I had thought some games just didn't have a trial when it turns out that if I would have just clicked See full Game, I would have gotten to try it.

Just really curious that's all. Anyone know of any possible reasoning behind this. Or noticed something I haven't or something that I left out that could explain this. I don't want the curiousity killing this cat, so help me out :) Thanks in advance for any info.



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