"Record that" function when using Xbox One TV app (Xbox 360 on passthrough)

Is there any specific reason this can't be done? I still actively use my Xbox 360 and I play through the pass through on my Xbox one. I never saw the point in spending a high amount of money on a capture card, but now that I have something that has the ability to record short clips, I tried to look into it and found out that it cannot be used in the "TV app". Is there a technical reason for this or just something the team overlooked? 


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Because then people would be able to record stuff off anything they have plugged into the pass through. When this comes to tv and stuff it would cause a lot of problems with copywrite when it comes to people's uploads.

That makes complete sense. But I do think a workaround could be made. For example maybe some sort of signal sent form Xbox 360 to the One. Just looking for a workaround to spending another 150$ to stream gameplay since I already own a piece that can.

I'm sure they could work it out. Will they? Probably not. The didn't design the hdmi in as a passthrough for the 360. It is meant as a tv option. Hence the reason no matter what you have plugged into it, you still have to say "xbox watch tv" to get it to switch. Hey don't get me wrong. I also would love that feature. To many times have I been playing 360 and yelled out xbox record that just out of sheer habit when something cool happens.

As much as I would like to knock them, they have been pretty responsive to community feedback, it's really just a matter of getting it seen and supported...which I do not have the time to do. Definitely not worth the extra investment of money. Oh well. just seems odd to leave a console in the dust that they clearly want to have in the development cycle for 2 more years. I've also yelled that out while playing 360, happens to the best of us. Thanks for your input.