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I'm not sure what the correct term is, but I was reading that both Watchdogs and Destiny have some sort of PS4 affiliation where every advert shows the PS4 version, plus there is exclusive content. This could lead to casual gamers buying said console to play said game. It is rumoured that Batman Arkham Knight and the next COD will also be the same. In the past, Microsoft has been the one to do this type of sponsorship so what has changed? Watchdogs and Destiny are two of the very biggest games this year. Here is a couple of quotes from the article: "Whether it’s intentional or not, you can’t deny that fortune is on Sony’s side. It’s going to head into June with a massive sponsored marketing campaign for Watch Dogs, which has been associated with the PlayStation maker’s latest platform since the system was announced last year. The shrewd few among you may be eager to point out that the game’s not an exclusive, and that’s true, but every commercial, trailer, and billboard that you see over the coming weeks for this title is going to trick you into thinking that it is. Factor in the likely performance enhancements made possible through the hardware's architecture, and the exclusive content, and it’s going to sell best on the PS4." "fellow third-party release Destiny – a game that was originally due out in the spring – will pull the console back out of the sunshine months in September, and provide it with plenty of momentum leading into Christmas. Again, this is a title that the Japanese giant’s doing its best to associate with its system. The title may be releasing on other formats – including the ageing PlayStation 3 – but it’s the PS4 version that you’re going to see advertised and promoted in hardware bundles. While this co-marketing partnership won’t swing the opinion of every consumer, the connection to Sony’s system will help sales – and we’re sure that the ‘From the creators of Halo’ quote won’t hurt either. Speculation suggests that the manufacturer’s also partnered with Warner Bros for Batman: Arkham Knight and potentially Activision again for the next Call of Duty, culminating in a formidable 2014 lineup. "

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DNice wall of text, never seen a wall like that since Berlin.  Anyway, does it really matter? Both consoles are selling well, your getting the game on the Xbox One, and you weren't complaining when it was the other way around.

At the end of the day Microsoft has probably list this generation to Sony, but that doesn't mean the Xbox One isn't selling well.  It does however mean that game developers are using the PS4 as the lead platform, but it doesn't matter, as long as we get the games as well, everything is fine.

Sorry to cut this one dead but it's a comparison thread and goes against the forum guidelines. Not for the sake of it being true or untrue, but more so for where this thread will likely end up going.

My closing words would be that it doesn't matter who is in the lead. Both consoles are selling well and both consoles offer a lot of fun for like minded gamers. I don't think PS4 adverts will be present in a game over on the Xbox but who knows, pigs can fly right? lol. Anyway, as it stands, the important thing is that gamers have fun on what ever title they play, regardless of the system it is running on. I have no doubt that a game releasing for both the Xbox and PlayStation will please those that play them.

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